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What is the best way to get Vietnam visa online in Czech ?

What is the best way to get Vietnam visa online in Czech ?

With the issuance of Vietnam visa on arrival at Vietnam airport, the best way to get Vietnam visa in Czech is applying online for Visa approval letter, which is an electronic legal document issued by the Immigration Department of Vietnam.

Then on arrival at Vietnam airport, the Czech residents can get Vietnam visa online stamped onto their passport.

To apply for Vietnam visa approval letter in Czech, people just access the apply online page, submit their visa application for approval letter for Vietnam visa there, do as guidance by the system in few steps, make the approval fee, and get their visa approval in no later than 2 working days.

Other simple way is to download the visa application form online, complete it with exact information as shown in passport, and send to for checking and further advice.

The fee for getting Vietnam visa approval letter from Czech  ranges from USD 10 to USD 30 depending on the requested visa type by the applicant. For specific fee, please refer to Vietnam visa fee page.

Kinds of Visa

Service fee/pax

Visa on arrival / visa code 1 month single for Czech citizens


Visa on arrival / visa code 1 month multiple for Czech citizens


Visa on arrival / visa code 3 months single for Czech citizens


Visa on arrival / visa code 3 months multiple for Czech citizens


Please note that the above fees may not be applied for those citizens of Indian, South Africa, Central East countries or African countries residing in Czech

For further information on what is the best way to get Vietnam visa for Czech  please contact us .

Payment for Vietnam visa

Warmest greetings Thanks for your concerning with us

You are kindly informed that your Vietnam visa application has been finished and all your information is now in our database already.

Following your request please do not hesitate to complete your payment (by your CREDIT / DEBIT CARD (We accept payment by VISA, MASTER CARD, DINER CLUB, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS,…) or through, , Bank Wiring Transfer or Internet Banking).


Kindly note that with your Vietnam Visa On Arrival, you can enter Vietnam at one of Vietnam international airports: Noi Bai airport (Hanoi), Tan Son Nhat airport (HoChiMinh city), and Da Nang airport (Danang city).

By CREDIT / DEBIT CARD or Paypal (Recommended):


A. Please settle the payment via Our account follow email:

B. If you do not have Paypal account, you can borrow your friend Paypal account to pay (we accept that) or register a new Paypal account, it is very fast, easy, safe and secure, your Paypal account can link to your CREDIT / DEBIT CARD. You can use your CREDIT / DEBIT CARD to make your payment, add funds through this Paypal account.


C. If you do not have Paypal account and you also do not want to register a new Paypal account, you can pay service fee direct to us by your CREDIT / DEBIT CARD, after you apply and confirm, we will send you an invoice and payment request to your email, these will give you the function to pay us direct by your CREDIT / DEBIT CARD.



1. Credit card:You can pay us the service fee via our safe & secure Online Payment System (protected by GeoTrust SSL certificate, US$100,000 warranty). It takes you about one minute for settling the payment. It is really easy, safe, and secure.

Vietnam Visa Extension and Renewal for Foreigner, Working Permit for Foreigner in Vietnam


You are in Vietnam for tourism or business and you want to extend your stay.

Vietnam visa extension is so easy nowadays. What you need is to hand in your passport to Vietnam Visa Cheap – around Vietnam for processing. Standard time is 5-6 working days. Urgent case can be up to 2 working days.

Vietnam Visa extension (Procedure – passport) Extended from C1, C2, B3 visas or Other.

1/ 1 month single entry – 50 $

2/ 3 months single entry – 55 $

2/ 3 months multiple entry – 100 $

Normal processing is 6 working days – Urgent case can be up to 2 working days

New issuance, Renew Visa (Procedure – passport)

1/ New issuance (Renew) 1 month single entry – 65 $

2/ New issuance (Renew) 3 months single entry – 85 $

3/ New issuance (Renew) 3 months multiple entries – 110 $

Normal processing is 6 working days – Urgent case can be up to 2 working days


Work permit – Dossiers of application for work permit will be prepared by Vietnam Visa Cheap

– The service charge for a work permit is 300$;

– Service charges apply for judicial CV (Criminal Record): US$ 55/01 worker


Temporary residence Card

1/ 1 year temporary residence card – 250 US$

2/ 2 year temporary residence card – 255 US$

3/ 3 year temporary residence card – 300 US$

*Special service: Sunviet Travel can do the temporary residence card with simple procedures that you have a company in Vietnam Guarantee (No need work permit or named on the registration paper of the company’s business licence, representative office, investment license)

2 – 3 year temporary residence card: 850$

In case you done have any documentations please contact us directly


5-year vietnam visa exemption certificate – 110 US$

Normal processing is 8 working days

6- Conversion of driving licenses services (Vietnamese driving license): 130 usd

We need original driving license from your country, 4 – “3×4 cm pictures”, the photocopy of the passport and the photocopy of current Vietnam visa.

Normal processing is 3 weeks – 1 month


You are planning to come to Vietnam, you are try applying for a Vietnam Visa.

1/VISA UPON ARRIVAL (Procedure – Full name, sex, D.o.b, Nationality, Passport no., or Passport scan)

2/VISA OBTAINS AT OVERSEAS VIETNAMESE EMBASSIES (Procedure – Passport photocopy, or Passport scan)



If you have any questions about the Vietnam Visa, please contact at or call us:  (+84)1242821768



Airport Pick up – Vietnam visa online

Have our staff complete the entry procedure and get your visa stamped (put in your passport) at the airport within a few minutes instead of waiting at the Immigration counter yourself. It costs USD 30/ person only excluding visa stamping fee.

To prevent you from wasting time and a long queue at the Check-in Counter at Vietnam Airports to get your visa stamped, offers an AIRPORT PICKING UP SERVICE (30 USD/pax, EXCLUDING stamping fee) for those using visa on arrival that you will be picked up at the airport. Our representative will handle all entry procedure for you, and it takes just a few minutes.

Our service functions at three international airports in Vietnam for the passengers of all flights.
Airport Picking Up Service is highly recommended for the following groups:

  • Those who enters Vietnam the first time
  • Those who needs to speed stamping process up at Vietnam airport
  • Those who enters Vietnam and bring goes along with kids
  • Those who travels in a big group
  • Pregnant women
  • Disable people


Step 1: Choosing Airport Picking up Service item once applying for visa on arrival with detailed information of your exact flight number, departure and arrival time (GMT+7) or apply for the service via email or phone with the mentioned information. If your flight is changed, please notify us 48 hours before your landing (except Saturday, Sunday and national holidays)

Step 2: Find our staff with the welcoming board having your name on it when your flight lands off Vietnam. In case, you cannot find our staff, please give us a call at hotline + 84.986.982.796

Step 3: Give our staff your original passport, entry and exit form (Mau M3), passport, 2 photos and stamping fee (USD 25/person for one month/ three months single entry, and USD 50/person for one month/ three months multiple entries visa, USD 100/ person for six months visa) for doing your entry procedure.

Step 4: Get your passport back with Vietnam Visa stamped from our staff.

Refund policy 48 working hours: Please confirm with us your flight details 48 working hours in advance so that we can do the Airport Picking up service for you at our best. Other while, if we have not received your confirmation, no refund will be done if you are not picked up at the airport.

Embassies of foreign countries in Vietnam & Vietnamese Embassies abroad


Country  Foreign Embassy in Vietnam Vietnam Embassy abroad
Albania 49 Dien Bien Phu, Ha Noi
Tel: 84-4-8253865
Tirana, Tel 2556, Telex 2253 AMBRSV AB
Algeria 12 Phan Chu Trinh, Ha Noi
Tel : 84 -4 – 8253865  Fax : 84 -4 -8260830
Website :
30 Chenoua Hydra, Anger, Tel 600752
Australia 66 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 – 4 – 8252763
6 Timbarra Crescent, O’Malley, Canberra, ACT  2603 Tel (062) 866509, Fax 864534
Belgium B3 Van Phuc, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 – 4 – 252263
Avenue De La Floride 130, 1180 Bruxells, Tel (02) 3749133 Fax 3749133
Bulgaria 2 Van Phuc, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 – 4 – 252908
Sofia-1113, Ul. Ilia, Petrovl, Tel 639043, 658486
Cambodia Hanoi: 4 Thuyen Quang,
Tel 8264816
Ho Chi Minh City: 41 Phung Khac  Khoan, Tel: 84 – 8 – 8292751
Son Ngoc Minh area, Phnom Penh, Tel 25481
Canada 39 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 – 4 – 8265840
470 Wilbrod Street, Ottawa, K1N 6M8, Canada
Tel:             (613) 236-0772          Fax: (613) 236-2704 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            (613) 236-2704      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
China 46 Hoang Dieu, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 – 4 – 8253736, 253737
32 Guangua Lu, Jianguomenwai Dajie, Beijing, Tel 5321125, 5325414
Cuba 65 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 – 4 – 825477
5A, Avenida No. 1802, Miramar, Cuidad de la Habana, Tel 296262
Czech 13 Chu Van An, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 – 4 – 8254131
Holeckova 6, Praha 5, Tel 546498, 531723
Denmark 19 Dien Bien Phu, Ha Noi
Tel: +84 (4) 8 231 888
Gammel Vartov Vej 20, 2900 Hellerup,  Denmark
Telephone: 45 3918 3932   Fax: 45 3918 3932
Finland Suite 603, Central Building, 31 Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi.
Tel: 84 – 4 – 826 6788
Aleksanterinkatu 15, 5th floor
00100 Helsinki, Finland
Tel.             +358 9 562 6302       /             +358 9 622 9900      
France Hanoi: 49 Ba Trieu, Tel: 84 – – 252719, 254367, 254368
Ho Chi Minh City: Consulate 102 Hai Ba Trung, Dist 1, Tel. 8-8297231
62 Rue Boileau, 75016 Paris, Tel 45245063, 45276255, Fax 45243948
Germany 29 Tran Phu, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 – 4 – 8253836
Konstantinstrasse 37, 53179 Bonn, Tel (0228) 957540, Fax 351866
Hungary 43-47 Dien Bien Phu, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 – 4 – 8252748
V1 Benczur U. 18, Budapest, Tel 429943
India 58 Tran Hung Dao, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 – 4 – 8253409
42F, South Extension, New Delhi, Part 1, Tel 624 586, 623 823
Indonesia 50 Ngo Quyen, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 – 4 – 8256316
25 Jalan Tenku Umar, Jakarta, Tel 6221/3100358, 325347, Fax: 6221 3100359 Telex 073 45211 SRVNM IA
Italy  9 Le Phung Hieu, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 – 4 – 825624
Plazza Barberini 12, 00187 Roma, Tel 4755286, 4754098
Japan 49 Nguyen Du, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 – 4 – 8257902
50-11, Motoyoyogi-Cho, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, Tel 81334663315, Fax 813 3466 3312
Korea,  (People’s Dem. Rep.) 25 Cao Ba Quat, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 – 4 – 8266621
7, Munxu Str., Pongyang, Tel: 291
Korea, South Tel: 722 704 3570/1, Fax 822 793 1009
Korea (Republic of Korea) 4th floor, 360 Kim Ma, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 – 4 – 8315111
Add: 7 Munsu Street , Pyongyang
Tel: 381 7353 – Fax: 381 7632
Consulate: 381 7111 Code: 00- 850- 2
Laos Hanoi: 22 Tran Binh Trong, Tel: 84 – 4 – 8254576
Ho Chi Minh City: Consulate 43 Phung Khac Hoan,  District 1,  Tel: 84 – 8 – 8292751, 8292744
1 Thanon That Luang Rd, Vientiane, Tel 413400, 413403, 413409
Malaysia A3 Van Phuc, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 – 4 – 8253371
4, Peslaran Stonor, Kuala Lumpur, Tel (03) 2484354, Fax 2483270
Mexico Calle Sierra Ventana 255, 11000 Mexico, DF, Tel 5401612, 5401632
Netherlands  Daeha Office Tower, 360 Kim Ma, Hanoi. Tel. 84 4 8315650
Myanmar Building A-3, Van Phuc, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 – 4 – 253369, Fax: 84 – 4 – 252404
40, Kmin Kochin Road, Yangon, Tel 50361
Philippines E1 Trung Tu, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 – 4 – 8257948
Philippines 54, Victor Cruz, Malate, Manila, Tel (632) 500364, 508101, Fax 508101
Poland  3 Chua Mot Cot, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 – 4 – 8252027
0-468 Warszawa, Ul. Kawalerii 5, Tel 413369, 415867
Romania 5 Le Hong Phong, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 4  8252014
15 Strada Autruliu, Bucharest, Tel 116120, Fax 11604
Russian Federation 58 Tran Phu, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 – 4 – 825463
Ul. Bolshaia Piragovxkaia 13, Moskwa, Tel 2450925
Singapore B4 Van Phuc, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 – 4 – 8233966
10 Leedon Park, Singapore 1026, Tel 468347
Slovakia 13 Chu Van An, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 4  8254131
Sweden 2 Van Phuc, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 – 4 – 8254824
Slotsvaeg 26, 125 71 Alvsjo, Tel (08) 861218, 861418, Fax (08) 995713
Switzerland  77b Kim Ma, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 – 4 – 8232019, Fax: 84 – 4 – 232045
Ch. F. Lehmann 34, 1218 Grand-Saconnex, Tel (022) 798 98 66, Fax 798 98 58
Thailand 63-65 Hoang Dieu, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 – 4 – 235092, 256053, 262644
83/1 Wireless Rd., Bangkok, Tel (02) 2517201, (02) 2515836
United Kingdom 116 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 – 4 – 8252510
12-14 Victoria Road, London, W8 5RD, Tel (071) 9371912, Fax. 8376108,
USA 7 Lang Ha, Ha Noi
Tel: 84 – 4 – 8431500
Web: Le Duan Blvd, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City; Tel 84-8-82209433
1233 20th Street NW, Suite 400, Washington DC, 20036
Tel             (202) 861-0737      , Fax (202) 861-0917 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            (202) 861-0917      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Consulate 1700 California, San Francisco, Tel             (415) 922-1577

How to get Vietnam Visa in USA, UK, France, Africa, India and other Countries


Residents or those who stay in USA, UK, Canada, France, Africa, India and other countries.  Application for  visa to Vietnam, there are two ways to get Vietnam visa, through Vietnam Embassy and Consulate abroad  or get Visa on Arrival via online service. Visa on arrival will save you at least 20% over getting a visa at embassy.

1, Firstly, apply  Vietnam visa on arrival online which is registered and supported by Vietnam Immigration Dept by registering at
– There will be no consulate fee, time fee as well as no transportation fee to visit the Vietnam embassy
– There will be no postage fee as everything is done over email.

1. Issuing unit: Vietnam Immigration Department
2. Processing : US$ 16 (1 month single), US$ 20  (1 month multiple), US$ 25  (3 month single)...more visa fee here(stamping fee NOT included)

How to get it? You go online, fill in the secure form, and just wait 3-4 days until you receive your Visa Approval Letter, and take this + your passport + 2 photos to Vietnam to get your visa at airport. This seems to be the cheapest and easiest way to get a visa to Vietnam from your country.

The service fee will be paid us online in USD through One Pay or in cash through Western Union. This service fee will be used to progress your visa approval letter.

The stamping fee

Visa on arrival: You will pay this stamping fee at the Vietnam airport to get your passport stamped. Your approval letter will be the legal evidence to

show the airport Officer that you are allowed to legally enter Vietnam by the Vietnam Immigration Department.

2,Secondly,  apply a Vietnam approval code through, then; go to the Vietnam Embassy abroad to register for a visa by yourself.

Get Vietnam Visa through Vietnam Embassy and Consulate abroad

You will pay this fee directly at the Vietnam Embassy in your country to get your passport stamped. This fee will be different from country to country.

1. Issuing unit:       Vietnamese Embassy and Consulate abroad
2. Processing time: 4 to 10 working days
3. Fees:                    different from country to country
4. Additional fee:     Postal cost
5. With Passport requirement

How to get it? You reach this Embassy in person and follow the required procedures.
Embassy of Vietnam in Washington DC, UNITED STATES

Address: 1233, 20th St., NW, Suite 400, Washington DC, 20036, USA

Telephone:             (1-202) 861 0737      

Consular: 861 2293

Fax: (1-202) 861 0917

Consular: 861 0694

Consulate General of Vietnam in New York, EMBASSY
866 UN Plaza, Suite 435, New York, N.Y. 10017, USA



Address: 1700 California St., Suite 430 San Francisco, CA 94109, USA

Telephone:             (1415) 922 1577       / 922 1707

Fax: (1415) 922 1848 / 922 1757




Address: 12-14 Victoria Rd., London W8-5rd, UK

Telephone: (4420) 79371912

Fax: (44020) 75653853  




Address: 470 Wilbrod Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 6M8, CANADA

Telephone:             (1613) 236 0772      

Consular: 236 1398

Fax: (1613) 236 2704

Consular: 236 0819




Address: 62-66 Rue Boileau, 75016 Paris, FRANCE

Telephone: (331) 4414 6400

Consular: 44 14 6 421 / 44 14 6 426

Fax: (331) 4524 3948

Consular: 44 14 6 424




Address: 87 Brooks St., Brooklyn, Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA P.O. Box 13692, Hatfield 0028, SOUTH AFRICA

Telephone: (2712) 362 8119 / 362 8118

Fax: (2712) 362 8115




Embassy of Vietnam in New Delhi, India

Adress: 17, Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, 110 021 India

Consulate General of Vietnam in Mumbai, India

Address: Wajeda House, Gulmohat Cross Road No.7 Juhu Scheme, Mumbai

Get more Vietnam Embassy and Consulate contact details at

  For more in formation, please contact us at . All needed information will be quickly replied within 20 minutes.

Register Vietnam Visa in China

Information on getting a visa to Vietnam from China

There 5 places in China where you can get visa to Vietnam: Beijing (VN embassy), Guangzhou (general consulate) Nanning (general consulate) and Hong Kong and Kunming.

The normal process will take 3-5 working days and cost 400 RMB (~60 USD), if you wish to get it same day, the fee may be doubled. Passport and passport photos are required to process your visa.


These are addresses of  Vietnam Embassies and Consulates in China


Embassy of Vietnam in Beijing, CHINA
Address: No 32 Guanghua Rd., Jiangou menwai, P.O.Box 00600, Beijing, CHINA
Phone:  (86-10) 6532 11
Fax:      (86-10) 6532 57
Note: Consular telephone: (86-10) 6532 7038                                                               

Consulate General of Vietnam in Guangzhou, CHINA
Address: 2nd floor, Hotel Landmark B Building North, Qiaoguang Rd. (Haizhu square), Guangzhou, CHINA.
Phone:  (86-20) 8330 59
Fax:      (86-20) 8330 59
Note: Consular telephone: 8330 5910-11 Mobile : (86)138 296 7900

Consulate General of Vietnam in Kun Ming, CHINA
Address: No. 507, Hong Ta Mansion 1 No. 155 Beijing Road, Kunming, China
Phone:  (0086-871)- 351
Fax:      (0086-871) 351
Note: Consular telephone: (0086-871)-3522669                                                                      

Consulate General of Vietnam in Nanning, CHINA
Address: 1st floor, Touzi Dasha, 109 Minzu Avenue, Nanning, CHINA.
Phone:  (86-77) 1551 05
Fax:      (86-77) 1553 47

Consulate General of Vietnam in HongKong, CHINA
Address: 15/F, Great Smart Tower, 230 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai, HONG KONG, CHINA
Phone:  (852) 2591 4517
Fax:      (852) 2591 4524
Email:; ;

You can also apply online for a Vietnam visa on arrival which seems the cheapest and easiest way to get a visa to Vietnam from China.  Click here to see how it works.

Vietnam-US develop relationship thrives

(VNA) Vietnam and the United States are enjoying an excellent period of bilateral relations, stated the Vietnamese Ambassador to the US, Le Cong Phung, at a workshop in Washington on September 14.

Vietnam ’s level of development, its cooperation and friendly relations over the last few years have benefited both countries and contributed to ensure peace and stability in Southeast Asia and East Asia , Phung told a workshop on Vietnamese-US relations, held by the East-West Centre in collaboration with the US Business Council, the Vietnamese Embassy and Office of Senator Jim Webb.

Senator Webb, who is the Chairman of the East Asia & Pacific Affairs Sub-committee, part of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, said that relations between Vietnam and the US offer many opportunities for joint-working, economic development, cultural exchanges and maintaining a balance in the region.

It is important that both parties discuss mutual opportunities, resolve their differences, and work together to build up stronger ties between the two nations, said the Senator.

In his speech, Vietnam ’s former Minister of Trade Truong Dinh Tuyen, who was previously in charge of Vietnam ’s trade negotiations with the US , recalled the milestones in the two countries bilateral relationship since they resumed diplomatic ties in 1995.

Cooperation has been increased in various areas such as science and technology, education, health care, research on climate change, English-language training for Vietnamese military officers and initial steps taken on cooperating in defence, said Tuyen.

He reported on three major breakthroughs that have accelerated Vietnam’s economic reforms, while integrating with other regional and global economies, including forming common economic institutions and creating a healthier competitive environment for various economic sectors and administrative reforms, while developing the country’s human resources and upgrading its infrastructure.

According to Tuyen, to achieve this, Vietnam has created an ideal environment for investors and businesses in the hope of attracting more American companies coming to Vietnam . He said he believed in the future of Vietnam-US relation.

A representative from the US Department of State, Yoe Yun underlined Vietnam ’s role in regional and international forums, including the East Asian Summit (EAS) as well as cooperation between the US and Vietnam and other countries in the Mekong Lower Basin Committee, originally initiated by the US .

The US and Vietnam have held regular talks on other issues relating to democracy and human rights, according to the US official.

Le Van Bang, Vietnam ’s first ambassador to the US reviewed milestones in Vietnam-US relationship since early 1990s and called on the US to continue its support for Vietnam and its sovereignty.

Also at the workshop, Tami Overby, Deputy Head of the US Business Council for Asia, said that US businesses were pleased with Vietnam ’s role within the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, describing it as evidence of Vietnam opening up and integrating into the global economy./.

Vietnam-US diplomatic ties marked in US

(VNA) Fifteen years ago, US President Bill Clinton’s announcement on the normalisation of US ties with Vietnam opened a new chapter in the two countries’ relationship, said the Vietnamese Ambassador to the US.

Le Cong Phung was speaking at a reception marking the 15 th anniversary of the normalisation of the Vietnam-US diplomatic ties jointly hosted by the Vietnamese Embassy in the US and the US Department of State in Washington on the morning of July 15 (Vietnam time).

The function saw the attendance of former US President Bill Clinton, Senators John Kerry and John McCain, and House of Representatives member Eni Faleomavagea.

The Vietnamese ambassador expressed thanks to the participants and other US congressmen for supporting US-Vietnam ties.

He affirmed that gains in the bilateral relationship reflected the determination and will of the two countries’ leaders and people to boost the ties further.

“Although short, the past 15 years laid a firm foundation for the bilateral relationship in the future,” Phung said.

He affirmed that the development of Vietnam-US ties serves the interests of the two nations and their people, contributes actively to peace, stability, prosperity and security of the region and the world, and also helps solve important issues facing the international community.

Addressing the event, former President Clinton recalled the time from 1993 when he took office to 1995 when the two countries officially established diplomatic ties.

He also recalled his meetings with Vietnamese leaders, especially his visit to Vietnam in 2000, and reviewed developments in the two countries’ relationship in various fields.

The former president took this occasion to thank the two governments for helping him establish the Clinton Foundation to support people living with HIV/AIDS in Vietnam .

As an enthusiastic supporter of the normalisation who has made a significant contribution to boosting the US-Vietnam ties, Senator John Kerry recalled efforts made by the two governments during the past two decades towards normalising ties.

He described Vietnam ’s cooperation in the search for US servicemen missing in action during the Vietnam War, prior to and since the two countries normalised ties, as an important factor in bilateral relations.

The senator said he had a profound impression of looking back through the entire history of US-Vietnam ties and congratulated Vietnam on successes it has recorded in the renewal process.

He noted that for the American people, Vietnam is presently not a war, but a country and a friend.

Addressing the function, Senator John McCain said the two countries’ relations have grown strongly and profoundly during the past 15 years, affirming that Vietnam has become one of the US ’s most important and promising trading partners in the Asia-Pacific.

Noting the 30-fold rise in the two countries’ trade value in 2009 over 1995, Senator McCain said this was just a starting point and expressed hope that the two countries’ ties will advance further.

Representing the US State Department at the event, Assistant to the Secretary of State Kurt Campbell cast his mind back to the days when he was involved in the normalisation process.

He said he thought the relationship between Vietnam and the US has a lot of potential for growth./.

Remarks made at the Reception by:

Ambassador Le Cong Phung

Assistant Secretary Kurt Campbell

Former President Bill Clinton

Senator John Kerry

Senator John Mc Cain