the procedures for vietnam visa

Vietnam  is now open and truly welcomes visitors from almost every corner of the world.  Yet, above all, the nation and the Government is warmly welcoming every  Vietnamese person who is now residing far from Vietnam, his/her fatherland, by offering  Vietnam visa exemption for them to enter Vietnam.

This is a very pleasure for Vietnamese overseas, facilitating them at most  to come back to their homeland! For detailed guidelines, please kindly click  here .

Required proof/documents

In order to be exempted from visa to enter Vietnam, what a passport holder  needs to do is to bring your photos + all sealed and legitimate documents (Birth Certificate of yours, or your  grandparents/father/mother’s, etc.) to the Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in the  area where you are currently residing, to ask for “Vietnam visa exemption Letter” (or “Giay mien thi thuc” in Vietnamese). If the documents are clear and  evident, you will be given a Visa Exemption Letter. And now, you can go to Vietnam  without a visa!

Please see here for detailed contact of the Embassy in your area

Mind the procedures?

If you would like to avoid all the mentioned procedures at the Embassy/Consulate,  and require a visa to Vietnam  quickly, will  get your visa on arrival done upon your request (via email or phone)! And it  will be completed in 1 or 2 working days with more favored pricing!