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Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Vietnam Visa on Arrival – 100% online application

What is Vietnam visa on arrival?

Related to entry, exit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam, the Standing Committee of Vietnam National Assembly issued a National Ordinance No. 24/2000/PL-UBTVQH10 on the 28 April, 2000. The Ordinance includes 07 chapters and 26 articles stating specifically who is responsible for what in term of Vietnam visa issuance, and who and how and how long can get a visa for Vietnam. The 26 articles explaints for a potential Vietnam visa applicants know why a travel agency can assist you to get Vietnam visa approval letter by applying for Vietnam visa on arrival.

To help visitors to Vietnam save their time and money on getting a Vietnam visaVietnam Visa on Arrival or Online Vietnam visa  has been put into use for years.  Vietnam visa on arrival  is legitimate and posted in Vietnam immigration laws at the official website of Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs – so it is endorsed by the Vietnamese Government. The name of this visa type itself answers the question “Where to get Vietnam visa?”, since “Vietnam Visa on arrival” means “The Vietnamvisa  picked up upon arrival at the airport in Vietnam”.

Vietnam visa on arrival is valid and getting more and more widely used these days thanks to its favorability.

–        Secure and  Convenient Vietnam visa application (applicants can easily submit their visa application online within couple of  minutes)

–        Money and time saving: no postal fee, no time and fee for embassy transportation

–        Safe and secured  Vietnam visa approval letter granted by Vietnam Immigration Department

–        Quick online payment with all major cards type through the most reliable International Money-Transfer Network as One Pay or PayPal


Why should you apply for Vietnam visa on arrival at

Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival is now much easier and more favorable for travelers to Vietnam, particularly frequent ones, because it is:

  • Faster: Processing time is only 1 or 2 working days  for the visa to be completed (and only half a day for rush visa)
  • Hassle-free: 100% online application, no passport send-off
  • Cheaper: The Vietnam visa costs (or Vietnam visa fees) are much lower
  • Accessible: Ideal choice for those far from Vietnam Embassy / Consulate


Requirements for a valid Vietnam visa on arrival:

Please be reminded that there are conditions for  Vietnam visa on arrival to take effect, or in other words, for the visa applicants to get their Vietnam visas stamped into passport upon arrival in Vietnam without any mistake:

  • Visa applicants must obtain Viertnam visa approval letter (or visa pre-approved letter) in advance by applying for Vietnam visa online.
  • The information in the Vietnam visa approval letter must be exactly the same as in the passport.
  • The passport must be of at least 6-month validity.
  • The photos of the Vn visa applicants must look the same as themselves.
  • Vietnam visa applications can be only picked up visa for Vietnam at one of the three international airports in Vietnam, which are Noi Bai airport (Hanoi), Danang airport (Danang), and Tan Son Nhat airport (Hochiminh City).
  • The previous condition also means that Vietnamese visa applicants have to travel by AIR to Vietnam.

Procedures for getting Vietnam visa stamped with Vietnam visa on arrival upon entry at airport:

Before getting on board:

Good news is that the application for  Vietnam Visa on arrival is done 100% online. What you need is a computer/ laptop or just a mobile phone connected to the Internet. Then you apply online for your Vietnam visa on arrival within only a couple of minutes, and will receive your Vietnam visa approval letter after 2 working days (normal processing) or 1 (urgent processing) from your payment confirmation via email.

Upon entry in Vietnam:

On arrival in Vietnam, the visa applicants will obtain their visa for Vietnam by:

  • Filling out the Vietnam entry / exit form at arrival airport in Vietnam
  • Submitting Passport + 2 passport-sized Photos + Vietnam Visa approval letter + and Pay the stamping fee ($45 for Vietnam single entry visa, $65 for 1 month multiple entry and $95 for 3 month multiple entry visa) directly to the Vietnam Immigration Officers.
  • Get their visa stamped into passport by the Immigration Officers at the Immigration Desk
  • That is it! Welcome to Vietnam and have a good time!

With Vietnam visa on arrival, getting a Visa für Vietnam is no longer hard at all!

For any further Vietnam visa information or guide, please refer to our FAQs first, or feel free to call us at our hotline +84.987.335.016, or email us at

Getting Vietnam visa online

Getting Vietnam visa online is a smart selection. There are five main benefits you can get from visa online such as common, simple, safe, quick and cheap. It is sure that you will be satisfied with choosing visa online – an important paper when you are foreigners or oversea Vietnamese to Vietnam.

Nowadays, the number of travelers to Vietnam is increasing very fast so traveling serves are necessary and important. One of them is getting visa. In reality, there are two main ways to receive visa as follows :  firstly, you can go to embassy or consulate to get visa. Secondly, you can get it through a travel organization in Vietnam. However, the second way is more convenient and perfect because there are five main reasons to support my view.

The first reason is common. At present, network covers all over the world so it is very convenient to advertise and look for information. You not only access internet through computer but also mobile phone. About providing visa, there are hundreds of websites serving for this field is advertised through internet. It means that you can easily select one of many traveling organizations where are operating and working about providing visa in Vietnam. Therefore, you can sit anywhere; you can also make procedures to get visa.

The second reason is simple. You only follow some simple steps in each website of visa; you can get your purpose. For example, in the website you fill enough information for four steps which are instructed clearly, you can get a Vietnam visa. Four steps are to fill in the visa form, confirm and pay, get approval letter, and get your visa stamped. Generally, you can do procedures easily and simply through a website.

The third reason is safe. All information of clients is kept in a database of a travel organization you chose first and simultaneously stored in all ports of Vietnam. Besides, your visa application is submitted to Vietnam immigration department so you totally feel secure when presenting your procedures in anywhere in Vietnam. Moreover, any organization in Vietnam want to advertise their service, all information is check by an organization of Vietnam so you can believe in services which are posted through internet.

The fourth reason is quick. You do not need to spend time in embassy or consulates, you only sit and spend a few minutes before your computer. You can complete the visa application. Especially, you can check schedule of making procedures or ask any question through hotline which is written in the top or the bottom of each website. You will receive necessary and useful information fastest by professional staffs. Make sure that you can save much time when using visa online service.

Finally, getting Vietnam visa online is cheap. If you get visa online, you do not pay for transportation fee, no physical meeting. In addition, It is sure that the price of visa online is not expensive than visa in embassy or consulate. If you do not believe this, you check it in Vietnam visa fee to see details. Specifically, for normal service, the visa application procedures can be processed within two (2) to three (3) business days. For urgent service, the visa application procedures can be processed within one (1) business day.

In conclusion, getting Vietnam visa online is a smart selection. There are five main benefits you can get from visa online such as common, simple, safe, quick and cheap. Therefore, why do you choose visa online when you are foreigners or oversea Vietnamese planning to visit Vietnam?