Vietnam visa extension for Japanese living in Ho Chi Minh city.

If you have been in Vietnam and want to change visa type or extend a visa, please come to our professional visa service!

The tourist visa is only for single entry and one month stay, but extendable after you enter Vietnam.
If you have expired visa, it can be extended longer than your prior visa. You supply single or multiple, from kind of one-month to one-year visa

Needed documents:
– Passport and your photos ( up to kind of nationality)
– Information about your home address & place of employment

Then we will send all your information to Vietnamese Immigration Departure. It take you about 4 to 10 days ( up to each case) to get new visa and granted in signs with C1( tourist visa) or B3 ( business visa).You don’t have to pay the cost for any person except our visa fees.

After completing procedure, we will give you back at anywhere you require.


  • We can handle all cases of Viet Nam Visa Extension in any place in Viet Nam.
  • We can also have your visa extended for 6 months multiple or 1 year multiple.
  • Please email to   or in case you don’t receive our feedback within 2 hours after giving us your all issues.
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