Living in Hai Phong, Japan citizens want getting Vietnam visa extension?


I am from Japan staying in Hai Phong (Viet Nam), my visa will be expired on 10 days this month. I would like to extend or renew, so could you let me know can I get it done in Hai Phong or Hanoi (Viet Nam)?

Absolutely you can.


Dear Sir/Madam,

How and how long does it take? Please let me know as soon as possible, I would be appreciated. Here is my cell phone number 01666 224 888.

Well, there are 02 options for your choice:

–   Option 1: You can go to the local Immigration Office nearby Hai Phong or Hanoi (Viet Nam) to have your visa extended.

–   Option 2: You can ask a travel agent to handle for you.

In option 2, you are required to follow these steps :

  1. Send your scanned passport, especially the page which expresses your current Viet Nam Visa to the agent you chose at least 1 week or 2 weeks before the expired day.
  2. For each case, you will be informed the service fee whether your visa can be extended/ renewed.
  3. Bring your original passport to agent’s office.
  4. Wait a few days to get your passport back, the processing time depend on the type of your Viet Nam Visa.

We hope that helps.


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  • We can also have your visa extended for 6 months multiple or 1 year multiple.
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