Best and cheapest way to get a visa for Vietnam from Thailand?


Hi there, I will be arriving in Vietnam on the 1st June. I will be coming from Thailand probably by plane.

I have looked online but am still quite confused over how to get a visa. I will be staying for 3 weeks. I know I need to give the exact exit dates and will have that soon.

What is the cheapest and best way to get a visa? And do you know the cost roughly?




Hi Tony:
If you stay here 3 weeks, you don’t need the exit date, but you need to have a entry date into Vietnam. So that you can get your approval letter from immigration office. Once you get your letter, you can pick up your visa when you arrive in Vietnam. (Stamp fee for picking up your 1 month single entry visa is $25 usd.) The cost for getting a 1 month single entry visa approval letter is about $8 USD.
It is a simple process. Drop me a email, I’ll be more than glad to assist you.



You have two choices. VOA, that’s visa on arrival. this can be done on line through several different company’s. I have used cheap Vietnam visa and had no problems. They will provide you with a letter to immigration and you just go to the counter and pick up your visa.

Or… You can just go by the Vietnamese Embassy in Bangkok and get your visa directly. Probably cheaper this way.

Oh, you could also go by most travel agents in Thailand and they will provide a Visa for you as well. That’s probably the easiest.
A one month Visa is very inexpensive. Usually $25 from the embassy and more for service fees from the online services and the travel agents.