The easiest way to get cheap Vietnam visa from Taiwan

It’s necessary to have your visa issued prior to arrival in Vietnam. Tourist visas are generally for 1 or 3 months but business and other visas can be obtained for longer stay if required.

If you are a Taiwan citizen, you may have some options to get Vietnam visa.

  • You can get Vietnam visa via Vietnam embassy in Taiwan at address :
Embassy of Vietnam in Taipei, Taiwan

Address: 3F, No.65, Sung Chiang Road, TAIPEI, TAIWAN

Phone: (8862) 2516 662

Fax: (8862) 2504 176


You can apply by yourself at Vietnam embassies.

When you apply at embassy of Vietnam in Taiwan you must take along time to get Vietnam visa. More over the price when you apply at vietnam embassies is not cheap.

  • Otherwise, you can apply online for time saving then get visa stamp at Vietnam airports. Click here to see how it works.

You can apply at cheap Vietnam visa to get Vietnam visa online with cheap fee.

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