How long to get Vietnam visa

You may wonder how long it takes to get your Vietnam  visa done? Normally, you have two choices to get your Vietnam visa: Option one – apply by yourself at the Embassy/Consulate; and Option two – apply online (for both  visa on arrival and visa code). Accordingly the processing time differs between  those. The latter always takes less time. Details as follows:

Option 1: Apply for Vietnam  visa at Vietnam  Embassy in your current area on your own

  1. Processing Time: The processing time  for tourist visa application normally takes four (4) to ten (10) working days.
  2. Cost: The fee varies from Embassy to Embassy;  For example, about $50US in Bangkok, and $85US  in Washington.

Visa application forms are available at the Embassy/Consulate  in your current area. You can get one by directly visiting the  Embassy/Consulate and pick it up by yourself. Or, you may download it from the  internet, fill it out and send by mail carrier with a stamped, self-addressed  pre-paid return envelope to the Visa section – Vietnam Embassy/Consulate there.  Request by email is NOT highly suggested.

Option 2: Apply for Vietnam  visa online (Vietnam visa on  arrival and Vietnam  visa code)

For both types – visa  picked up at arrival airport (visa on arrival) and visa picked up at  Embassy/Consulate (visa code), applicants can go online and get it via email  after 1 or 2 days;

  1. Processing Time: The processing time  for tourist visa and business visa via online service takes 1 – 2 working days (to  get the visa approval letter/ visa code) (Apply  online by filling in the secure online form, which takes some minutes)
  2. Cost: Applicants would pay two fees: Service Fee and Stamping Fee:

+ Service Fee (paid online): From $13US

+ Stamping Fee (paid directly by yourself where you pick up your visa):

. For visa on arrival: $25US  (single entry) and $50US (multiple entry)

. For visa code: $25US (single  entry) and $50US (multiple entry) + fee charged by Vietnam Embassy.